About Us

Company Profile

The Aboriginal Pipeline Services Group is an Indigenous-owned organization, created to provide a voice to Indigenous businesses and communities in British Columbia.

We ensure efficient and effective communication between industry and our Indigenous community and business partners, with the goal of direct participation of our partners in the pipeline construction and service industry.

Until APSG was formed, there was no organization that ensured proper consultation with, and participation of Indigenous businesses and communities in pipeline projects. Indigenous businesses were left to search for positions on major projects, and to decipher the bid process on their own.

APSG solves this problem by acting as a direct liaison with pipeline companies on behalf of the Indigenous businesses and corporations that have partnered with us. We also provide the pipeline construction and service industry a direct link to qualified Indigenous contractors and employees for their next project in British Columbia or Alberta.

Direct participation of Indigenous-owned businesses benefits both the Indigenous community, and the pipeline industry as a whole.

Management Team

Chief Operating Officer- Taylor McLeod

Taylor is a co-founder of APSG, and an Indigenous woman with a wealth of experience working directly with Indigenous communities and organizations across British Columbia. She provides to APSG a strong knowledge of Indigenous rights and relations protocol, in both the private and public sector. She is a former National Aboriginal hockey player, and the managing director of a non-profit society that provides essential services to the Metis community in northern BC. Contact Taylor at: ac.pu1718827210orgsp1718827210a@rol1718827210yat1718827210